Lots of updates

I have been so busy lately sewing and quilting I have not had time to update this blog. I plan to do a lot of dating over the next few days. Sorry for getting behind.

I have been aproached by several ladies lately who have said they would like to help but either don’t know how to quilt or who can’t quilt anymore due to age, eyesight, arthritis etc. and asked if I could use knitted items to sell. Of course   I think that is a wonderful idea. The way I look at it is every dollar earned is a dollar more than they had and most importantly is the fact it makes more people a part of this wonderful fun loving charity group. Just wait untill you see all the outstanding things I was given this week.

Look out folks, I am about to flood your computer and emails lol.

Thank you so much for all the loving work  gone into all the donations.