Donated yarn

I was so excited today when I received this lot of donated yarn and wool. I was getting really low and I can never have enough. Thank you so much. Check back soon to see what I made from it.



Our newest sponsor

A few weeks ago at Quilt Canada I met the most amazing vendor, her name is Lesley and Lesley and her two daughters are the owners of JP’s Quilt Studio in Stoney Creek, Ontario. While chatting with Lesley at her adorable both full of the most adorable fabric I have seen I mentioned to her that the fabric I was purchasing from her was going into quilts that were being sold to raise money for cancer research. Immediately she wanted to help. Well on Monday I met up with Lesley on my way down to juravinski cancer center and she gave me three big bags of fabric.
All day at juravinski I kept thinking about those bags and couldn’t wait to get home to check them out. Well needles to say I started to cry as I opened the bags. I know quilters are very kind hearted but Lesley is the sweetest and most generous person I have ever met. Thank so very much for helping me raise money for cancer research. It is because of people like Lesley that I am able to continue to do what I do.
All you ladies out there in guilds I would highly recommend you invite JP’s Quilt Studio to your guild. She tells a heart warming story of her quilting journey starting with her grandmother and shows quilts that were made through the generations. She also brings along some gorgeous fabrics and her prices are great. Thanks again Lesley.

Surprise from Northcott


I was so pleasantly surprised today to get a box of gorgeous fabric from Our sponsor Northcott. They are such a great company. Thank you Northcott this wonderful fabric.

Fabric Donation

Image This fabric and quilt top were donated this week to use to make the quilts for cancer research, thank you so much. It will all be put to good use.