Surprise from Northcott


I was so pleasantly surprised today to get a box of gorgeous fabric from Our sponsor Northcott. They are such a great company. Thank you Northcott this wonderful fabric.


2 thoughts on “Surprise from Northcott

  1. Wow, this is beautiful fabric.

    Do you have a sale date soon?

    I am going to start your baby afghan with that coral yarn. Not sure of the pattern I am going to use. I have 4 in mind so must make a decision by Wed as I want to cast on and get going on it.

    Also going to try some of the new hat patterns I have. Not enough time to knit and quilt. We have had water in our basement and had to rip out the carpet in my sewing room. Only floor got wet and anything on floor was in bins. But am rejigging entire room and going through boxes.

    People can’t say that we let the grass grow under our feet!!!


    • Hi Linda, it sure is lovely fabric.
      I could not get sales dates for March or April as they were booked up. I have booked for the beginning of May and the following three months. Just waiting for the confirmation to come back.

      Sorry to hear about your flooded basement. Thank goodness all your fabric was in bins. I love al those cancer hat patterns you send me. Thank you.

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