Archive | August 2013

In need of pink

I will be at the BRIGHT run in Dundas on Saturday Sept 7. All proceeds go to Breast Cancer research at Juravinski Cancer Center. I am in need of as many items I can get for this day, especially pink items. It can be any quilted, sewn or knitted item. If you can help this great cause please email me.


Work day cancel for tomorrow

I am going to have to cancel our work day tomorrow at Parkview Meadows because I have a nasty head cold and I don’t want to get others sick.

Burning the candle at both ends

Well I guess if you burn the candle at both ends it will eventually catch up with you. For months now I have been working seven days a week at making quilts and I am burned out and now have a really bad head cold. Time to slow down a bit.

Raffle ticket drawn

Just to let everyone know on Tuesday at three o’clock I turned over the tickets, money and quilt to Juravinski Cancer foundation and they drew the winning ticket. For privacy reasons I will just say the first name of the winner. The winner was Maureen. I hope she enjoys her quilt. I would like to thank everyone who purchased tickets.