Lots of money raise today.

I am very happy to announce I raised over $1,200.00 for cancer research today. I would like to thank all the wonderful companies and ladies who volunteered their time and fabric and helped make this possible. So many people asked me for business cards today and are going to my sale net month to purchase quilts and stuff. Thank you everyone.


5 thoughts on “Lots of money raise today.

    • Thank you Janice, I have no plans of stopping lol. Some people have suggested I make up packages for quilts so they can take them home because a lot of people are like you and work during the day so they feel this is a way they can help so I am going to do this.

      • Hi Julie,

        So what kind of items sold best so we can make items geared to your customer base?


  1. Hi Diane,
    Just to let you know I was asked to put your quilt away so a lady can buy it next month when I go back.
    I sold a lot of baby quilts (even the panel ones sold good), lap quilts, place mats, mug rugs, cancer ribbon mug rugs, purses and cancer quilts.
    I would of sold more of the larger quilts if they were the right colours they were looking for. Several people were looking for queen size quilts.

    • Wow,

      I am amazed that people are looking for the full size quilts. Thanks for the information, an item made that no one wants to buy is worthless to your cause.

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