Making Labels and Cataloging

Ok, now the fun begins, not. I have never in all my years of quilting ever labeled a quilt and to be honest with you I never seen a need for it because I thought my quilts were not perfect and never wanted anyone to ever know where they came from lol. 

Now things have changed because I feel every quilt should be labeled, numbered and catalogued so that everyone knows where each quilt was either sold at, auctioned at or raffled at and how much it brought it. This is to protect myself as well everyone one else who is helping out. 

The problem is I know very little about labels. I do know I want the logo and a number added to it. I could sure use some advise on how to make them and what to put on them.


6 thoughts on “Making Labels and Cataloging

  1. Hi Julie: Have made an appliqued patch & sewn on the back corner when I did quilts for my kids’ wedding quilts. I used a permanent marker designed for marking on quilts. I like the embroidered labels I’ve seen better though.

  2. Hi Janice, I was thinking about the embroidered labels. I have no idea how to get my embroidery machine to do the logo. I have had this machine for two years now and I have not used it yet. Guess it is time to learn. I also think you have to have some kind of a computer program to do it and I have no programs.

  3. Labels are really important, you spent a lot of your time working through that process and you deserve to put your name to it. I have made quilt labels out of additional blocks sewn on the backing fabric, made calico ones with sharpie handwritten labels and used photographic transfer labels too. I also put a short summary ie machine pieced, cotton batting 100% cotton fabric. I definitely put the month and or year it was finished, not started as these can be vastly different dates. I also have a quilt journal and have catalog used and photographed every quilt, included samples of the fabric and fabric design/company.

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