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Winnie The Pooh Is Bound

Today I managed to get a small quilt bound. I love this fabric. This one was quilted on my home sewing machine.

Pieced and quilted by me.



Making Labels and Cataloging

Ok, now the fun begins, not. I have never in all my years of quilting ever labeled a quilt and to be honest with you I never seen a need for it because I thought my quilts were not perfect and never wanted anyone to ever know where they came from lol. 

Now things have changed because I feel every quilt should be labeled, numbered and catalogued so that everyone knows where each quilt was either sold at, auctioned at or raffled at and how much it brought it. This is to protect myself as well everyone one else who is helping out. 

The problem is I know very little about labels. I do know I want the logo and a number added to it. I could sure use some advise on how to make them and what to put on them.

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am having a blast with my new longarm machine (well new to me). I am about to put the third quilt on it in the morning. I presently have four quilts waiting for me to hand sew the binding onto and then I will post pictures when they are complete.

I only have two more block to do on the raffle quilt so if all goes well then it may be ready in a few weeks.

How Pretty Life Quits Works

Some people are a little confused on how Pretty Life Quilts works so I will try to explain it in further detail.

It is so sad for every cancer patient (past, present or future) when an oncologist research team has to stop their research because they have run out of funds. It is very heartbreaking and such a great loss to the oncology research team, they have put their heart and soul and many many hours and a great deal of money to get to this point and may just be around the corner from a great break through but if they can’t get the funds to continue this research it has to stop. Thats were I would love to see Pretty Life Quilts step in and help.

We can do this through the sale of quilts and quilted items. I have made arrangements with Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Center Foundation in Hamilton, Ontario to sell the quilts at the hospital and do a few other fundraising events throughout the year. This is going to be a ongoing charity and I know over the years we can really help with funding cancer research.

I have been working day and night now for the past few months to make quilts. I am happy to announce I now have a long arm so I am able to quilt the quilts up faster now. I would also like to thank my family and Dianne for helping me, supporting me and guiding me along the way.

I would be ever so grateful if you could help Pretty Life Quilts out. There are so many ways you could help. You could donate completed quilts or quilted items, unquilted quilts that I could quilt up and complete, fabric or even scraps. We are in the process of arranging sewing days so we can get together and make quilts.

Remember it does not matter where you live, research will help every person in every city and country.

Together we can make a significant difference and  help find a cure for cancer.