No Boundaries

Even tho we are based in Ontario Canada, we would gladly received quilts from anywhere in the world. All cancer research benefits everyone in the world. 


2 thoughts on “No Boundaries

  1. what size quilts? I make mostly newborn and preemie sized quilts for another organization here in the states…but I have quite a bit of cotton lovliness in my stash I am more than willing to share with another cause! Mind you as I do so many baby and kid quilts my stash is leaning towards novelty, baby, kid brights and silly fabric. can you email me your address and I can start putting together a box of fabric to share?

    • I will gladly accept any size of quilt you are willing to donate. One of the places I sell the quilts are in the hospital and doctors, nurses and patients are looking for all sizes and all types of prints. There are 10 thousand employes who work at Hamilton Health Sciences and will be notified when I am coming to sell the quilts. So between the staff, patients and visitors, I am looking for a large variety. Thank you so much nanayane. My mailing address is in the top menu under Contact information. Thank you.

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