Scent Free

All hospitals are now scent free and since we are planning on selling some of these quilts at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre there can be no strong orders from the quilts like perfume or smoke. If you smoke please wash the quilt prior to donating it to us with a scent free detergent and do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Thank you  for helping us abide by hospital regulations.


2 thoughts on “Scent Free

  1. Dreft or baby laundry detergent does a great job of removing scent, also scent free Febreeze can help as well…I have to wash all my items I donate to preemies, newborns and children getting heart surgery. I usually just keep filling a clothes basket till it’s full then do a whole load of scent free then after its all dried (without dryer sheets) I put each item in its own zip lock baggie so it remains clean till it ships out. 🙂

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