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I am looking for sponsors who can help out either with fabric, batting, sewing supplies or financially.  If you can help out please email me, your generosity in this important cause is truly appreciated.


Income Tax Receipt

Income tax receipts can be issued to all business who send a receipt along with their donation to Pretty Life Quilts. Income tax receipts can also be issues for all cash donations.

Charitable Registration Number

Pretty Life Quilts is a non profit group working in conjunction with Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation which is a registered charity and part of Hamilton Health Sciences, please email me and I will send you a letter of endorsement from Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation with the charitable registration number on it.

Why I started Pretty Life Quilts

The reason I started Pretty Life Quilts is on February 14, 2012 I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I  was so scared  but that soon changed once I met the Doctors, nurses and staff at Juravinski Hospital & Cancer Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. My oncologist and team were wonderful. I felt so relaxed with them and the stress soon disappeared. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Cancer Centre so close to me. I wanted to donate money to Juravinski Cancer Centre to help with cancer research but I didn’t have any money to spare.

I made my first quilt 43 years ago and I fell in love with quilting. I thought maybe I could make a quilt and donate it to Hamilton Health Sciences to help raise money. After several months of thinking and researching I decided that  wasn’t enough, I had to do more. Then when I decided to start Pretty Life Quilts. I truly feel this is the way to go. Thats when I contacted Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation and told them what I wanted to do but I didn’t know how to do it  to make it a official non profit organization. Melissa has been wonderful in helping me get Pretty Life Quilts up and running properly and legally. It is now connected with Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation which is a registered charity and part of Hamilton Health Sciences.

The idea behind Pretty Life Quilts is to have lots of quilts and quilted items and  sell them at Juravinski Cancer Centre, do raffles, auctions and what ever else it takes to raise the much needed money for research. My goal is hight. I want to raise 1 million dollars over a 5 year period. I know this can be done. I am asking all quilters, guilds and groups out there to please consider making quilts and quilted items and donating them to Pretty Life Quilts.

I am also looking for donations of 100% cotton fabric and sewing supplies so we can keep this group going. I will also be making many of the quilts for this group. I am organizing sewing days at various locations where we can meet and work on quilts from the donations we receive. Please contact me if you can help in any way. Together we can beat cancer. Every dollar, quilt and piece of fabric helps.No mater what part of the world you live in you are welcome to donate. No matter what city, town or country the research is done in, it helps us all.

Camera is old

Sorry about the terrible pictures. My camera is old and now the shutter is stuck so thats why I am getting the dark marks in the upper right corner and lower left corner.